Welcome to my page!  My name is Emily and I am new to blogging.  I currently am a wife, daughter, sister, friend, teacher… you name it!  I love to read and share ideas and thoughts with others.  I have been a teacher for 5 years, and I truly enjoy working with children.  I cannot wait to have children of my own!  I am just a typical southern girl.  I love to enjoy the spring and summer sun, but I always embrace the cool fall weather, beautiful colors in the changing leaves, and college football!  I grew up in a small town where I married the sweetest most patient man alive, Jonathan.  I have a loving mother and father who are still married after 30 years!  I have two sisters, Julie who is married to Andrew and just had a baby, Ally, and my younger sister is Suzanne who is finishing USC Beaufort.  Scrapbooking is a lost passion of mine that I hope to continue soon.  Jonathan and I have just built a new home, and we are finally getting settled in after about 10 months.  It was so much fun to build our own home from the ground up, stressful, but fun!  We love to travel!  We love the outdoors.  Our home is nestled by the Tyger River, so we enjoy floats to cool off during the summer heat.  I recently started a Bible Study group with some friends, and that has been a journey!  We are looking forward to starting our next study soon.  Thanks for stopping by!


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